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Discover the life of birds

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Jays, despite their vibrant colouration, are actually members of the family Corvidae; the same family as crows and ravens. Their shrieking call can often be heard as the birds fly between trees in open woodland and urban parks. Rather fascinatingly, Eurasian Jays collect and bury acorns in the Autumn, which they then retrieve during winter when food supplies are low.

For most of the year, while Black-headed Gulls aren't breeding, they lack the striking black head feathers that contrast their white bodies, and their piercing red bills appear faded with a more prominent black tip. Their natural diet consists of carrion, invertebrates, insects and fish; although individuals that occupy urban areas have adapted to become generalist feeders.

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These parakeets typically nest in holes previously occupied by woodpeckers, and their territorial behaviour and earlier start to breeding season often means they lack significant competion for nesting sites. Flocks of the UK's only fully naturalised species of parakeet are noisy and can potentially be destructive to the health of indigenous flora and fauna, when in their non-native range.

Upon first observation, the Magpie's pied plumage appears rather monotone, although it's iridescent black feather's gleam in the sunshine; especially those on its tail and wings (see 0:49). This species inhabits a wide range of environments, and is an opportunistic feeder. Its cackling call, charisma and wit has led to its popularisation as an iconic species across Eurasia.

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