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About us

Simply Stunning Birds is dedicated to showcasing wild birds from across the globe in their natural habitats. By becoming a part of our community you're helping us to inspire global conservation efforts and promote the wonder of the avian world through photography and cinematography.

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These Redwings were filmed eating berries in the winter at Chiswick House and Gardens Trust. The Redwing is the smallest true Thrush in the United Kingdom. The undisturbed forests of the northern Taiga offer breeding grounds to the millions of migrant Redwings that frequent the UK.

Tufted Duck populations in the UK are relatively consistent year-round, although in winter numbers usually increase as a result of incoming migrants from Scandinavia and Northern Europe. Resident birds breed in the UK lowlands.​​ Tufted Ducks feed by diving for fish and aquatic plants.

Western (Eurasian) Jackdaws foraging at the 2500 acre Richmond Park in London and plucking fur from wild deer that inhabit the parkland to be used as nesting material. Jackdaws breed either in tree hollows or twig nests. The Jackdaw's call is a strong "chjakk" sound, which is where its name comes from.

Pied Avocets were filmed at RSPB Rainham Marshes overlooking the River Thames. The Pied Avocet's return to the UK in the mid 20th century represents one of the most successful conservation projects in the British Isles, and the species is an icon for the protection of birds in Europe.​​

In the spirit of understanding the complexity of the ecosystems in which our feathery friends live, each location details the geographic coordinates of the site, along with a species list.

Rhinoceros Hornbill, Sungai Sedim Rainforest, Peninsular Malaysia, Simply Stunning Birds, Discover the life of birds, Photography

Sungai Sedim Rainforest



Discover the life of birds with Simply Stunning Birds, and promote the conservation of birds globally.

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